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Interior Designer (IDT) with

9+ Years of Professional Experience


As a designer, I have a strong understanding of how interiors come together through construction as well as the finishes and fixtures that pull it all together.  In my 9+ years of working in the design industry, I have been fortunate enough to work with some exceptional clients both residentially and commercially. My initial industry experience was working for an architectural firm doing office tenant improvements. Although I still have a passion for commercial design, I enjoy the relationships that are built while working on a residential project.   


I'm Sharon


At Weaver Design, we believe we’re stronger together. On Wednesdays we will be doing a free live webinar with a local business #webinarwednesday


We hope you will join us to be inspired, learn and connect.

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LIVE WEBINAR: Kite Electric

How To Achieve Your Renewable Energy Goals

Presenter: Jason Courtepatte

DescriptionJason Courtepatte is a Certified Master Electrician. With almost ten years of experience in the electrical industry, his chosen specialty has been renewable energy, specifically photovoltaics. Jason currently operates an electrical contracting company that focuses on solar energy and ethical business practices. His authenticity and straightforward nature have earned the respect of many repeat clients and has formed the basis of ongoing relationships with past students and coworkers.

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LIVE WEBINAR: Advanced Entertainment

How to take your event to the next level

Presenter: Tarcy Schindelka

DescriptionAdvanced Entertainment has been in the entertainment service industry for over 20 years. They work hard to deliver quality services to their clients and their team has been trained to provide you with exactly what you want for your special event. We will be talking with their chief entertainment officer, Tacry Schindelka, about the services they offer, their process and how the industry has changed since Covid.



Bookkeeping Services For Your Business

Presenter: Stacie Lauf

DescriptionSDL Bookkeeping offers virtual bookkeeping services for your small business. With over 10 yrs of experience and backed with a full understanding of your specific needs, issues and deadlines, you can relax and focus on what you do best – growing your business. We will be talking with the Stacie, the owner of SDL Bookkeeping about the services they offer and she will be providing advice on financial management so you can be more organized and efficient with your finances.


LIVE WEBINAR: Shift Support

IT Solutions For Your Business

Presenter: Mike Alexander

DescriptionShift Support is an Edmonton based IT company that specializes in small business with a core focus on efficiencies, automation and customer service. We will be talking with Mike Alexander about the services they offer, how IT has shifted in the last few months, tips on how you can keep your business safe from an IT perspective as well as common IT challenges and advise on how to prevent those issues.


LIVE WEBINAR: Crown Automation

How To Secure Your Space

Presenter: Keith Jensen

DescriptionWhether you live in a single family home or own a commercial property, it’s so important to protect yourself and your assets. Crown Automation specializes in commercial security systems and they have packages that turn virtually any home or business into a self-monitored security system. Join us as we chat with Keith Jensen, owner of Crown Automation, about the growing importance of security systems, what it means to have a smart home and the best ways you can prevent break-ins.



Engineering Services for your Next Project

Presenter: Michael Oleskiw

DescriptionJoin us as we talk with Michael Oleskiw, who is the president at CVL Engineers Inc.. CVL Engineers is an engineering firm based out of Edmonton that is committed to providing value to their clients and offer civil, structural and geotechnical engineering services across Western and Northern Canada. We will be talking with Michael about the services they offer, what to look for when hiring an engineer consultant, why early engagement with your engineer is so important, as well as some of the engineering challenges they face and advice on how to avoid those situations.


LIVE WEBINAR: Phoenix Career Development

Steps to Achieving your Dream Job

Presenter: Laurette Lee

DescriptionWe all strive to find a job that makes us excited to get up in the morning and brings meaning to our lives. Something we’re passionate about. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t sure what that looks like or how to get there. Join us as we chat with employment specialist, Laurette Lee about steps you can take to reach your dream job! We will go over career development strategies, marketing yourself, interview techniques along with many other helpful strategies, so you can pursue a more satisfying professional life.

LIVE WEBINAR: Involvi Consulting

HR Essentials for your Business

Presenter: Ashley McKarney

DescriptionHuman Resources is crucial for every business to focus on but does not always get the time and attention that it deserves. Join us as we discuss some of the key human resources tools that every business should have top of mind when managing, leading and employing people! We will cover legislation requirements, foundational documentation and how to keep a pulse on your culture and strategic planning.


Strategies to Help you Win the Crazy Real Estate Market of 2020

Presenter: Michael Draper REALTOR® Edmonton HQ, Maxwell Progressive

DescriptionJoin us as we discuss today’s Real Estate market in the age of COVID-19. You will get the latest updates on the 2020 market projections and what we are doing to keep you safe during a pandemic. We will provide valuable tips on how to prepare your home for sale for when things go back to normal and advise for those looking to buy a new home.

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